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Well, once again N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg is at it again. You will recall the ban on large sodas and sugary drinks being sold in NYC. Don't get me wrong, those who know me can vouch for the fact that I am a health freak when it comes to eating, and I don't drink sodas or sugary drinks other than adult beverages ūüėČ However, I feel that allowing government to jump in and tell us what we can eat and drink is only the beginning of a bigger problem. It is down right ridiculous!
As if this was not enough, Bloomberg has moved forward to ban the sale of tobacco from 18 to 21 in NYC! So while you can serve in the armed forces and vote at 18, apparently you are not mature enough to partake in fine cigars. Sick to my stomach on this one, and as I try my best to stay out of "politics" I felt the need to voice my strong opinion against this policy! Please share your thoughts.

One Response to Bloomberg’s Nanny State

  1. Buck Bahm says:

    I totally agree, this moron probably never even smoked a good cigar, but he knows what’s good for everyone. The mental midget. That’s a bit redundent since he’s from NY and they’re all mental midgets anyway. Buck Bahm

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