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Today as I sit in my smoking chair and write with the rain coming down outside, (a somewhat rare experience it seems for Southern California) I find myself drawn to a hot cup of French roast coffee, a La Palina classic lancero and some Duke Ellington " In a Sentimental Mood". A very relaxing afternoon pairing that I wanted to share with you all. Sound of rain against the window, sexy saxophone and piano, with the smooth creaminess of the La Palina classic. Coupled with the rich coffee, I find it accents the hint of cocoa in the cigar. What's your favorite rainy day afternoon pair?

6 Responses to Cigar and Song of the day- La Palina Classic

  1. Scott Anderson says:

    The best cigar is the one you smokin!!!

  2. Geert Braakhekke says:

    Siglo VI with a Havana Club. Works with sun too ūüôā

  3. Charlie Andre says:

    I have always like almond liquor with my cigars….a Rainey day is always special for Shure ..”sittin outside with a cigar is too! Going to have to wait till spring for that….zero
    Out in my hometown……enjoy your reviews….have got a lot of new sticks to experience ..
    Beatles abbey road is on my list

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