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artwork1I am very excited and proud to announce a joint venture with Fairway Film Alliance to produce the show "The Cigar Vixen". Sexy, unique and in depth, the show will display the high-end world of cigars while traveling to exotic locations throughout the Americas. It is a look at old world cultures and gorgeous locales through my own unique perspective. In the mold of the recent show "Booze Traveler", I explore the world of cigars, from elegant plantations and factories to the food, drink and atmosphere that come with it.

This is an exciting opportunity to introduce both cigar lovers and world travelers alike to a unique lifestyle that I have been fortunate enough to experience. Fairway Film Alliance has produced ten feature films and handled distribution and sales on over sixty films and shows and I am confident I have found a great fit.

The first season will be six episodes and will be targeted for Video on Demand style release. In this series I share cigar tips as well as knowledge including how cigars are grown, made, and properly enjoyed...from soil to smoking. The mixture of well known names in the world of cigars, and the influence of local community partnership gives the show a cutting and distinct edge. Thank you for your continued support as I hope to keep your interests ignited!

I invite you to watch the first season up now on The full season will also be available on Amazon Video after January 1st, 2017!!


4 Responses to The Cigar Vixen Show

  1. Congratulations on the new show Delicia!! Looking forward to many seasons!!

  2. Keith says:

    Congrats Delicia, you have earned your success I’m sure!

  3. Carl Battaglia says:

    Hi Delicia,
    Thank you for your quick response. The Cuba trip seems great but it looks like it is more geared to the culture and history of CUBA. I am interested in something that focuses more on the production of the cigar and the history and tours of individual factory’s. Any up date on the Nicaragua trip in August. Also I recently viewed one of your videos in Nicaragua from last year. It stated that it was a once a year event every mid February. Did you attend and just return from this trip? And if so what is the difference in this trip compared to the one being planed for August of this year? Thank You so much for your time.

    Carl Battaglia
    Skokie Cash J & L
    4859 Dempster St.
    847 – 675 – 4444

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