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First member to guess what cigar is featured in photo below will win a 3 pack of that cigar and a bundle of Cedarspills. Be sure to give your best guess!!

3 hints:

1. Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper

2. Features a unique holographic band

3. I have done a review and a visit of this cigar/manufacturer

May the best smoker win!!!



17 Responses to Guess that stick!

  1. Ignacio" hdstreetbob2009" Abreu says:

    Falto Perla s the cigar

  2. Justin says:

    Gurkha Ghost

  3. Pedro Saldivar says:


  4. Eric L says:

    I was going to say Cohiba Behike but it looks too dark and has that pig tail. Gurkha Ghosts have a holographic band as well I think they are dark like that but not sure if it has the correct wrapper but I’ll go with that ūüôā

    Gurkha Ghost

  5. matt young says:

    gurhka ghost

  6. Richard Russell says:

    Gurkha Ghost

  7. tom TRUETT says:


  8. Bill Williams says:

    Falto Legado Corona Gorda

  9. Mark Peterson says:

    Emilio Cigars Draig Cayuquero

  10. Mark Peterson says:

    Gurkha Ghost

  11. Kenn Hoffmann says:

    Cao brazili?

  12. Adnan Hamidi says:

    RomaCraft Cromagnon

  13. Kenn Hoffmann says:

    Cao Brazilia

  14. Bryan Weber says:

    Is it a Gurkha Ghost?

  15. Carlos. Johnson says:

    Gurkha Ghost mmmmm so good!

  16. Vixen says:

    Wow!! Apparently I made it too easy!! hahaha Thank you all for your participation! The first member to post the correct answer was Justin. Congratulations!!!

  17. Cindy Marks says:

    Ghurka Ghost Asura

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