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Stay the hell out of our humidors FDA!

First off, let me apologize for the delay in releasing this video that I recorded last month. I've had a crazy travel schedule lately and this video somehow was temporarily lost in the shuffle of edits. That being said, my thoughts are that it's "better late than never", so here goes my rant:

Please visit to help support the fight and sign those petitions mentioned in video.

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Join the march and cigar herf this August 6-8 at

One Response to My FDA Rant

  1. Pete Kuchar says:

    Great rant!. I’m a member of CRA I’ve signed the petition and I’ve contacted my Senators Chuck Schumer and Christian Hildebrand here in New York. Until listening to your video I was concerned that the Cigar mfg’s large and small were not getting in the FDA’s face. Your comments about the FDA ignoring the industries petitions and letters is appaling. Other than Global Premium Cigar filing a suit against the FDA who else will get in their face? Is CRA fighting for our cigar rights? I check their web site a few times a week and I don’t see a who lot of updates from them. I have had my friends who smoke and don’t smoke sign the two petitions. Remember what you stated about this administration and remember a vote for the liar/crook Clinton will continue this FDA attack going forward. Vote non Clinton even though you may not agree with Trump Clinton is not the answer to our cigar problems.

    Keep up the fight.


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