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(Miami, FL) January 14, 2014—Toraño Family Cigar Co., makers of some of the
finest cigars in the world, proudly announce the “Blends from the Vault

The much anticipated Blends from the Vault tour will kick off its 2014 run
on February 5, 2014 at Three J’s Cigar Store in Davie, Fl. in what will be
the first of approximately 40 events spread across the nation. The tour will
feature the Toraño Family’s highly acclaimed Vault A-008 which received a 92
rating from Cigar Aficionado, the recently released Vault D-042 and, the
Limited Edition Vault Gold VLE100, which will only be available at these
exclusive events. Charlie Toraño, President of Toraño Family Cigar Company,
wished to introduce an extremely limited edition third blend from the
storied Toraño Vault series for this special tour.

Blends from the Vault originate from the family’s cigar “blend book” which
was started by Carlos Toraño, Sr. in 1982. The blend book, which is now over
30 years old, has a record of every blend concept the Toraño family has ever
worked on.  Amongst the blends recorded there are many which the family has
released over the years, as well as some blends which were deemed to have
tremendous potential, but fell short of the family’s high expectations.

In 2011, Charlie Toraño revisited the blend book and discovered an
intriguing, yet unreleased blend, Liga A-008. After a slight modification to
the blend, the Liga A-008 was released to the public and so well received by
critics that another forgotten blend from the book was modified, the Liga
D-042.  The Vault Gold VLE100 cigars are yet from another unreleased blend
from the blend book, also modified to complement the Vault Series perfectly.
The Blends from the Vault cigar series gives consumers a unique glimpse into
the Toraño family’s celebrated history.

The Blends from the Vault tour will feature at least two lucky winners at
each event.  Each winner will walk away with a box of the highly sought
after Vault Gold. The Vault Gold represents a blend which was first
conceptualized by the Toraño family, but was never produced. Charlie Torano
felt it was time to create and bring the Vault Gold to the public
exclusively for the Blends from the Vault Tour. The 100 hand numbered, 9
count, gold brick boxes for the tour will hold the only Gold Vault VLE100
cigars ever produced

Charlie Toraño said: “The Blends from the Vault cigars are a celebration of
the Torano family’s legacy and I am extremely excited about being able to
share this part of our history with the public. Event goers can count on
either myself, Carlos Llaca Toraño or Jack Toraño to be present at each of
the Blends from the Vault events and announcing the winners of the Vault
Gold Brick Box Giveaway.”

A leader in the cigar industry, Toraño Family Cigar Company is a four
generation company currently based in Miami, FL. It enjoys a rich heritage
and history in tobacco growing and manufacturing. For more information: Please also follow Toraño on Face book: Toraño A family
Cigar Company or on Twitter: @TORANOFAMCIGARS.

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