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Welcome to the first episode of the series on my exclusive guide to exploring Nicaragua! We already know this beautiful country as one of the top best tobacco origins, but it's also an incredible tourism jewel.

On this first episode, we kick off our expedition at the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua, specifically at the Aqua Wellness Resort. Join me, as I discover its beautiful beaches, enjoy a fishing trip with friends and witness one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. Plus, lots of fantastic cigar moments.

Don't forget to stay tuned, as this is one of the many Nicaraguan destinations I will be sharing with you!

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Welcome to the second episode of my new travel series “Nicaragua is Hot!”, this is the last episode in the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua and at the Aqua Wellness Resort.

I start the episode practicing yoga while overlooking the ocean. Needless to say, I think it was the most impressive view I’ve ever seen while practicing yoga. The relaxing continues as I try some of the spa treatments available at the resort.

After a relaxing morning, I spice things up by exploring the nearby beaches in an ATV where I discovered Gigante, a charming beach town next door where I will also be spending the night for some drinks and cigars. I hope you enjoyed it and join me in my next episode this time in the colonial city of Granada!

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Welcome to the third episode of my travel series “Nicaragua is Hot!” This time, I’m visiting the beautiful city of Granada!

Granada has a lot to offer, and I’m glad to say I tackled most of it during my trip. First, I visited one of the 365 islets right on Lake Cocibolca; an islet called Pico de Garza. I spent the afternoon sipping drinks, smoking cigars but most of all taking in the fantastic view.

I also enjoyed other great sights of the colonial architecture the city has to offer, and it is truly like taking a trip to the past. Lastly, I enjoyed a night out on the town that began with a delicious dinner at the hotel we were staying at, Hotel Dario. The busy streets full of restaurants and bars are just steps away from the hotel, so I explored a few and even met some new friends.

Have you ever heard of sandboarding? Stay tuned for my next episode in the city of Leon if you want to catch a glimpse of this activity that you can only do in Nicaragua!

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Welcome to the fourth and last episode for this first season of “Nicaragua is Hot!” This time, I’m visiting historic city of Leon!

Leon is a city characterized by its weather, a world renowned extreme sport and a rich cultural legacy. During my visit I got to see the Leon Cathedral a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the house of the father of modernism Ruben Dario, and practice volcano boarding at the Cerro Negro Volcano.

It was definitely an eclectic trip. Thanks for watching and accompanying me as I discovered why Nicaragua is so hot!

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  1. John Lupoli says:

    Video looks great! You should plans a trip with members! John

    • Vixen says:

      Thanks. Actually I do have trips I offer with my members or anyone else who wants to come. We shave one to Cuba in June and Nicaragua pending for August 2017. Would love to have you join us!

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