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2 Responses to The Big Smoke In Las Vegas 11-9-12 At The Mirage

  1. Aarya says:

    Sucks about the final third on both of your samples, becusae on my Robustos that’s my favorite part! They smoke just as you describe in the first 2 thirds, but in the last I get a very prominent floral and dried fruit combo, similar to something like an LFD. The strength also ramps up in the final third. Try to get some robustos if you can find them, I think they’re a good medium-but-creamy cigar. 88 in my book.

  2. Siphiwe says:

    I smoked the Torano Novento I had and I did not have any of the cutotrocnisn issues you had. The draw was a little tight for my preference but it was still smokable. Wrapper and burn was great. I would agree with your description of the flavors except I didn’t get any of the bitterness you experienced. Overall I thought it was a good one dimensional cigar and one I would smoke again. Thanks for the review.

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