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Cigar Vixen Meeting Dick Butkus

Strolling through the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, I went into a sports shop and met former Chicago Bears’ linebacker, Dick Butkus, who also happens to be a big cigar smoker!

Cigar Vixen Dick Butkus Autograph Cigar Vixen Sitting With Dick Butkus

Definitely a great surprise. He likes to smoke the C.A.O. Robusto. After seeing the size of his massive mitts I can see why he prefers a larger stogie and why he remains one of the most feared and intimidating linebackers of his time! A brief but memorable encounter I hope to have more of.

2 Responses to Meeting Dick Butkus

  1. Evgeniy says:

    First of all I hate dyed cigar wrappers and that’s one of the reoasn’s I have almost given up on Maduro cigars. Too much fake aging going on out there. The only good Mac I have had so far is the 1968 and I have the Gran Cru on my radar to try sometime. I won’t be looking to buy any other Mac’s in the near or far future.

  2. Domenic Capo says:

    Cigar lover like Dick, Arnie, The late Luciano keep the art of Cigar alive. Who ever you are choose the excellent sticks and enjoy with your favorite wine, cognac,brandy , single malt. Trust me best therapy.

    Dott. Domenico Capo

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