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Puro Sabor Teaser Article


...Upon arrival to Managua our group was greeted with friendly smiles by our tour guide as we were escorted into the VIP lounge to hang out and wait for the bus to the hotel.  After checking into Crowne Plaza the real fun started. All participants received a cool bag filled with coffee, chocolates, a gorgeous guayabera, a Puro Sabor t-shirt as well as a unique ashtray and heavy duty water bottle. The bonus was an exclusive Puro Sabor cigar box filled with 2 cigars from every participating manufacturer. Afterwards I joined the group of fellow cigar smokers poolside as we tossed back some ice cold toñas, lit up a stogie and relaxed awhile under the warm Nicaraguan sun....

Stay tuned for full article published  in the next Cigar & Spirits Magazine issue


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Nica Travel Crew & Cigar Vixen with Cigar Girls


2 Responses to Puro Sabor Nicaraguan Cigar Festival

  1. DC says:

    Looks like a lot of f. Are the trips small groups? Singles surcharge?

  2. Robert Tysinger Jr. says:

    Hello Dear Vixen,
    Do you know of an organic cigar on the market? Many beautiful summer sunsets to you.
    Robert Tysinger Jr.

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