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Alec Bradley Mundial featuring a Honduran wrapper, Honduran/Nicaraguan binder and filler. Slightly sweet, floral background with a little harsh flavor for my palate. Check one out for yourself.

3 Responses to Alec Bradley Mundial

  1. buck bahm says:

    Hi Delecia.

    I’m sitting here in 84 degrees weather, on the 18th of Feb. outside enjoying a La Gloria Cubana Series N and I can’t believe how much smoke this stick is putting out. I’m amazed the smoke alarm hasn’t gone off yet. And I’m not even in the house. What a great smoke. Of course the Ron Zacapa hasn’t done much to lessen the pleasure. What a fantastic rum. You have to pair these two up. Amazing!! Take care and smoke well. Buck

    • Vixen says:

      Zacapa is an excellent choice for just about any cigar! After recently spending time in the Dominican Republic, I had a chance to once again indulge in my favorite Rum; La Aurora 110 years. Its fairly hard to come by, but if you have a chance you must try. I like to pair it with a Guillermo Leon box pressed, seems to always do the trick!

  2. Peter McDonald says:

    I just tried the Mundial after it was praised to the high heavens by the cigar bar I usually go to, and I wish I had seen your review first because I agree, it was way too harsh. I couldn’t even finish it. After 15 minutes I had to put it down and forget about it, and it cost me 14 which is pretty steep for me. After all the great things I heard and the high price, and then it turns out to be a huge disappointment, I have never felt more ripped off after buying a cigar. At the time I couldn’t even describe why I didn’t like it, it wasn’t because it was too strong, I really like stronger full bodied cigars, it just tasted a little too bitter for me. Then I saw your review and you called it “harsh”, and I realized that describes it perfectly. Harsh. Never again will I trust the opinion of the guy who sold it to me, but I will trust your reviews, I’ve tried three of your top 5 cigars of 2013 and they were all excellent. Thanks

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