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Paying tribute to their brand ambassador Avo Uvezian 87th birthday, this medium bodied blend pairs excellent with a glass of your favorite red wine.

3 Responses to Avo Limited Edition 13

  1. Buck Bahm says:

    Why don’t you release some of the smoke through your nose. I thought that was the way to really appreciate the flavor. But you’re the expert so I bow to your decision.:) Have a great day. Buck

    • Vixen says:

      Thanks Buck! Yes, retrohale is the best way to enhance all the flavors in the cigar. I do retro when I smoke, unfortunately because my smoke output seems to be very dainty, it doesn’t show up well on camera. However I will try to make it a special point to make it more noticeable in my reviews as you brought up a good point. Thanks for the comment and for watching ūüôā

  2. Kyle Clark says:

    I love the lighter not working I wish you would and could do a video where the lighter won’t work period and you can’t smoke!!

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