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Delicia The Cigar Vixen at Casa Fuente

This our reveiw of the cigar shop Casa Fuente in Las Vegas, you might be surprised with the selecion and price.

Casa Fuente
3500 S. Las Vegas Blvd #S08
Las Vegas, NV 89109
10am-11pm Sunday-Thursday
10am-12am Friday and Saturday
Owner- Michael Frye

Casa Fuente is a true cigar heaven and anyone who visits Las Vegas must stop in and indulge. A very inviting and friendly staff makes it a nice relaxing spot to take a break from the fast-paced Vegas strip. Their great selection of fine Fuente cigars is kept in their gorgeous rustic humidor.

You have to try their exclusive Casa Fuente label cigars, made only for their shop. The price point is a little on the higher end, however the atmosphere and quality cigars is well worth it. You can enjoy any adult beverage from their full inside bar, or sit out in front of the shop with an espresso and enjoy the scenery.

Casa Fuente sees many different visitors from all over the world; the most recent included Aborigines all the way from Australia. A fine example of the distinguished reputation Casa Fuente upholds. Of course being in Vegas, they have their fair share of celebrities and athletes that pass through the shop as well, including the Fuente family! Just last month Carlos Fuente was their hosting a cigar sampling event. I wish I could have been there for that!

While i was their, I sampled two from their collection. A Fuente Lancero, which is in limited supply since there is only have one roller who makes the Lanceros. I happen to really enjoy that size, it’s a steady draw, and consistent flavor. I would compare the Fuente Lancero to the Arturo Sandoval song, Après de Rêve because of the melodic relaxation and smooth feeling it brings.

I also sampled a Fuente Forbidden X chile pepper. WHEW!!! A very spicy, bold blend with a beautiful construction. Definitely something to smoke on occasion when you need a strong buzz! It was a little too much for me personally, but i can appreciate the great flavor. Iron Butterfly’s In a Gadda da Vida comes to mind for this strong stick.

What’s your favorite Fuente??

5 Responses to Casa Fuente Cigars

  1. Raja says:

    Hey guys!Jeff Aronson here in Bradenton,FL. I’m formerly the 1st eyemolpe of Cusano, since 1995. When Davidoff bought Cusano Joe Chiusano, myself & two other guys started C&C Cigars in April of 2011 and shipped our first order July 27th, 2001. We’ve gotten incredible reviews so far, especially on our Corojo. I’d love to get you guys samples to ntry if that’s cool to do so. Please forward me an address. I saw you guys of twitter I beleive.Thanks again-Jeff

  2. Nataliy says:

    Ran into Mr. Fisher at the Clearwater Cigar Company in Safety Harbor, FL yesterday and spoke about a nbumer of things. The IPCPR, the CRA, types of cigars we enjoy, and just random stuff in general. Very awesome guy. If I had the attention span, I might write a cigar blog myself But I’m too busy smokin’! Long ashes, Gentlemen!

  3. Bryson Tumbaga says:

    I love this place. Cigars there are awesome as well as the beverages like you said. As for my favorite Fuente stick…has to be the short story. Great little cigar.

  4. Erik Molnar says:

    Will be there in August! Can’t wait!

  5. Michael Dumm says:

    Great spot to sip, smoke, and watch the people. Been there twice, great staff. Will go again for sure.

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