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Looking for something different? This C&C corojo cigar is "A premium line at an everyday smokers price". This cigar line is priced under $5 and available in Connecticut, Corojo and Maduro wrappers. C&C Cigars was started by Joe Chuisano, former president of Cusano cigars which was bought by Davidoff back in 2009. All the cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic. Today I paired the corojo with some excellent Zafra rum. I felt the rum helped to bring out the woody characteristics in the cigar. While it was a pleasant pairing, I am curious to try the maduro with the Zafra rum next time around. For more information on C&C Cigars visit their website or to purchase cigars visit Orleans .

Cigar blend breakdown, according to C&C Cigars website

Wrapper: Corojo 2006
Binder: Corojo
Filler: Dom. Criollo 98, Corojo Ligero

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