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This review features the mother of all lanceros....the Cuban Cohiba paired with the delicious Squeal Rum. Perfect match for this warm day in Southern California. Try this pairing out for yourself and let me know what you think!

The Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos. It gets it's name after the Taino Indian word for "tobacco". Cohiba was first recognized in 1966 as a private line made for Cuban President Fidel Castro. It wasn't until 1982 that the Cohiba brand would be available in small quantities to the general public. Cohiba cigars use top tobacco from farms in San Juan y Martinez and San Luis of the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba.

Squeal rum is a black spiced rum and is proudly made in Colorado by JP and Monika Krause. Drinking Squeal rum you will enjoy hints of vanilla, apricot and oak and hints of cedar. Aged to be smooth, yet rich. Made in small batches for those who are bold like the Rockies.

Together with the Cohiba, Squeal rum is a wonderful compliment as it yeps enhance the creamy nature of the Cohiba cigar as well as the notes of cedar. It also adds a nice sweetness to the mix.

Please excuse the indoor bikini gear, watch the video to find out why.

Visit for more info on where to find this yummy spirit! Cheers & thanks for watching.


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