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Relaxing with a Short Story on this beautiful afternoon is such a treat! This particular stick was given to me by Cynthia Fuente at the Big Smoke after she stated "Us women have to stick together". Very precious smoke to me.

8 Responses to Fuente Hemingway Short Story

  1. Chris Triantos says:

    Hi, this is a great smoke, however it is a Fuente Hemingway “Work Of Art” not a short story. Thanks, Chris

  2. Buck Bahm says:

    Can you tell me the name of the Lambrusco you drank in your other review. Thanx, Buck

  3. Idi Irwan Zainal Abidin says:

    Hi Delicia, thanks for the review. Have bought a box of these through a friend who is visiting San Diego. Can’t wait to smoke it in Kuala Lumpur.

  4. Bill DeLuca says:

    That was the first cigar I ever had.It reminds me of my father and grangfather.Great cigar and is very special to me too.Great review

    • Vixen says:

      Thank you Bill! It’s amazing the nostalgia that cigars bring to us all. Most of my fondest memories have ties to cigar aroma. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bruce Tharp says:

    Nice, except I’m pretty sure that’s a “Work of Art” that you are smoking. Length about 6″ and the end is tapered. Short Stories are round, Work of Art’s tapered.

  6. Bill DeLuca says:

    I know everyones taste is different,but do you know of any other cigar that tastes like the short story,or I dont know if you have had the Romeoand Julietta House of Montague,those are my favorites but I cannot afford them so I am looking for something that is close.I know you get what you pay for ,but there must be something like thw fuente out there but cheaper.

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