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This beautifully Brazilian wrapped brown beauty measures in at 6 x 60 and has a gorgeous oily, smooth sheen to it. The binder is Dominican Criollo and the filler, a mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. A wonderful flavor for my palette with predominant notes of earth and woods, with a slight cocoa sweetness and hints of black pepper. I was immediately drawn in by the unique holographic beast band, and hooked once I actually lit it up for a smoke. A big fan, I would highly recommend a box.

2 Responses to Gurkha Ghost Review

  1. David Toney says:

    One of my ATF (like you) .. I enjoy this smoke, but always outdoors .. the foot lets off smoke like a chimney .. it is one of the smokiest cigars I have ever tried … great review!!

  2. Connor Joyner says:

    Just tried one of the Gurkha Ghosts at my local cigar shop a few days ago and was very pleasantly surprised.. Was expecting a very bold, strong smoke and instead got a silky smooth, earthy and woody flavor that stayed consistent through the whole smoke.. Definitely would recommend this cigar!!

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