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Smoking a La Aroma de Cuba is like taking a stroll down a cozy street in your hometown. Nothing too fancy, but enjoyable. This particular lovely stick is sized in at 5.75 x 48. A good medium everyday smoke. The beautiful band is what drew me in. The dominant flavors are definitely cedar and earth. I did however pick up a slight milk chocolate taste as well. I was in a perfect scene to smoke this: a warm day out at South Coast Winery in Temecula, CA. Finishing up a photo shoot, this was a nice way to relax. Next time I would probably pair this smoke with a glass Cabernet Sauvignon, but that is just my particular palette.

3 Responses to La Aroma de Cuba CigarVixen Review

  1. Craig Talley says:

    Great review! The very last picture with that smile was the best.

  2. joe van houten says:

    Truly a beautiful woman you have my attention and an added bonus you smoke cigars

  3. buck bahm says:

    Hi Delicia, Just a suggestion, but, do a poster with this review, walking down the sidewalk. Or for the calendar, the intro to your reviews, where you’re getting out of the car. Like I said, just a suggestion. Take care and have a great smoke. Buck

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