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Lone Wolf Cigar Shop

Lone Wolf Cigar Shop
223 B Broadway
Santa Monica, CA.
800-577-Wolf or 800-577-9653

Owner - David Weiss

  • Top selling cigars = Lone Wolf, Davidoff and Padron
  • Exclusive brand = Lone Wolf Lobo Rojo and Lobo Fuerte
  • 100s of Top Brand Cigars
  • Humidor Temperature and Humidity 70/70
  • Top restaurant recommendation close to shop = Boa, a steakhouse with a delicious menu and a lovely special Sunday treat of half price bottles of wine!

The Lone Wolf is a Wholesale and Retail cigar company founded in 1996 by actors Chuck Norris and James Bellushi. David Weiss managed all retail operations at the start of Lone Wolf and acquired the company a short four years later, reengineering their brand into what it is today, a beautiful blend of excellent quality tobacco.

With their original retail shop in Santa Monica the Lone Wolf brand is also distributed globally through their sister site where you can chose from a top assortment of fine cigars.

They host events at outside restaurants and hotels. As a client, you can request invites to these exclusive events via email. Lone Wolf offers a VIP messengering concierge to movie sets and hotels in CA. They carry a wide array of top lighters, cutters, pipes and tobacco as well as gorgeous humidors. They even carry cuff links in case you are shopping for a gift or perhaps just running late to the office.

David is the shop owner. He is knowledgeable, approachable and helpful… definitely a connoisseur. First of all, he was happy to be working on a lovely Sunday afternoon and even stayed late to talk and teach me some very useful tips to smoking and selecting a great cigar! David selected his own brand called the Lone Wolf Lobo Rojo lancero for me. He greets each guest as a member of his family creating a welcoming and very warm environment. Great upscale shop with cozy environment.

David took time to teach me a new way to cut and light cigars, using cutter as a steady guide to produce a straight cut. Roast the foot of cigar first then light, puff to get it going. This helps it from over heating and producing a bad flavor.

Although not recommended, sometimes there are instances when you cannot finish an entire cigar in one sitting. Before relighting a cigar that has been out more that an hour, cut end of cigar and blow smoke outward before relighting.

When selecting a fine cigar, you should smell the open end first for flavor, lightly pinch cigar top to bottom to ensure quality and consistent packing, examine outer wrapper for too much vein, spots or discoloring.

David gave an amazing "how to" on how he selects cigars to carry at his shop. He fully inspects each cigar inside and out by smelling, pinching and cutting open to ensure quality filler size, binder and wrapper. You can be sure if you purchase a cigar from Lone Wolf it is top quality as this is a true cigar enthusiast and strives to see all his clients leave with a smile, over trying to make a buck!

Surrounded by fine dining and over 500 shops to choose from, Lone Wolf is the perfect choice for anyone looking to indulge in a fine cigar, gain knowledge and make a friend along the way!

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  1. Suraj says:

    When they ban smoking iidnse cigar shops, that’s taking it too far. Springfield, where I live, has just passed one of the most restrictive bans in the country. Outside special interest groups spent a fortune getting it passed, so there is no way they can say the people spoke. No, they didn’t. The American Cancer Society and all the others who gave big bucks are the ones who wanted it. The ordinance is almost word for word the model smoking ban act they put out on their site.There is a lawsuit pending in Greene County that will bear watching. It was brought by the owner of a tavern who argues that there is already a Missouri State law which should take precedence over city ordinance. If they post a sign saying that no Non-smoking areas are available, then the public is put on notice and patrons can smoke. Otherwise, it hurts business. Granted, I’m not big on cigarette smoke myself, but it should be left up to the business owner. Let’s hope they get a Judge who actually follows the law rather than those who want to take our freedoms away.I for one, have a problem with those lackadaisians who say things like Oh, it’s not that bad, bans are ok if I can still smoke at home, and so on. Feel that way if you want, but it means you totally do not understand the slippery slope’ theory of law. Today, it is a ban on smoking. Tomorrow, it will be potato chips or whatever else the nanny state wants to protect us from. Bans are just a step in the direction of making tobacco totally illegal, and I think their ultimate goal is to make tobacco use illegal, in ANY form. We cannot be trusted to make our own decisions in life, they want to make it for us. When they make tobacco illegal, it will create a black market the likes of which we have never seen!I wouldn’t blame a shop owner for totally getting out of this town and taking his tax dollars with him. When the city council is too politically correct to make the decision and puts it off on the voters (knowing full well how it would turn out)then the city deserves what it gets. It seems like dollars are the only thing they listen to, and I wouldn’t give them the benefit of the taxes. If a city gets stuck with an ordinance like ours, the only responsible thing to do would be for the city council to create an exemption for tobacco shops; if they did not use the model draft legislation, that clause would have already been in there!!

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