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Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica, made in the General Cigar factory in Dominican Republic. Leave your comments to enter to win a couple of these cigars for your humidor. Click the Macanudo banner to locate a retailer near you.

48 Responses to Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica

  1. Daniel Dannen says:

    Sounds like a good stick.

  2. Patricio says:

    Can’t wait to try one! Looks delicious. The cigar, too. I kid….I kid. Great review! Keep ’em up!!

  3. Santiago Lopez says:

    Good evening Cigar Vixen,
    I want to thank you for all that you do in the cigar world and your excellent cigar reviews. I gained more of a love for cigars when I found your videos a couple years ago. I have just seen your review on the Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica, and although I have yet to try any Macanudo, I would love to try that one.
    Thank you again for all that you do and I hope your continue to have great health to do more reviews.

    Take care

  4. Rich says:

    Another fine review, glad you’re feeling better!

  5. Marty says:

    Sounds like an interesting smoke… I would love to try it!!

  6. Karl says:

    Sounds delicious

  7. Ken says:

    I’ve been following your reviews for quite some time now and we know you have a large humidor but you must have an even larger wardrobe. I’m sure others will agree that your style is on point but every review you seem to have a different outfit on. Anyway your reviews are always enjoyable, thanks for keeping it going.

  8. Taras D. says:

    I have tended to shy away from darker tobacco cigars for that reason you diffused in your review. Thanks for teaching me otherwise and keep up the great channel and site!
    All the best from Canada!

  9. Rik Aguilera says:

    Excellent review. I’ve taken your recommendations, and taste pallet into consideration on quite a few purchases in the past. I will try to locate one of these sticks. Sounds as if a Rum would accompany perfectly. Keep doing what you’re doing. And I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  10. Robert Gray says:

    It’s great to see you back and feeling better. Your review videos are great thanks.

  11. Andre moodie says:

    Love your review.. Once in a while can you pair up with your favorite spirits??

  12. Bas says:

    Nice review. It’s a shame these kind of limited editions are impossible to get my hands on in The Netherlands. Keep those reviews coming!

  13. Glad!!!!! U back
    U reviews are always spot on
    Just started smoking on a trip to Dominican Republic
    Then stared doing research and I stumble in to your vids.
    I have been hook ever since
    Amazing job.
    Be safe be good

  14. Joe says:

    Sounds like a nice stick; looking forward to trying one. Glad to see that you’re back.

  15. Rich says:

    Great video as always & glad to hear you are feeling better!

    I wonder if I can get those cigars here it the UK? Must try those cedar spills sometime.

  16. Elton Armstrong says:

    Can’t wait to try it. There used to be a cigar called Royal Jamaican.Very peppery flavor profile. Used to be one of my favorites. I’m hoping to try this Macanudo.

  17. Liam says:

    Really enjoying your videos. Hope ur feeling better haha

  18. Roberto Burgos says:

    Very nice review of this cigar. Can’t wait to try one of these and light it with a cedar split… Making long ashes

  19. Roberto Burgos says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  20. Sameed Nakai says:

    Great to see you back! Wonderful review as usual, I usually watch reviews after I have smoked a stick, so I can compare my experience. Guess I will need to try one of these beauties and see the review again. Hope to see more great reviews from you.

  21. Bruce Wienckowski says:

    I’ve avoided General for a bit but I’d give this one a try.

  22. Carolus says:

    I love the way you take extra care to light your sticks. I have tried the three match light for some of my better sticks, and when I smoked my Dirty Rat on Friday I used matches instead of the torch lighter, the initial draws of a match or cedar spill lit cigar are definitely better! Thanks for all the work you do!

  23. Daniel Kovačić says:

    Hello from Croatia. Nice cigar I smoke La Gloria Cubana Wavell with this review good cigar but must tray this Macanudo Jamaica

  24. Ilick Urbewbz says:

    Hi, I literally just joined this site to enter the contest! Thanks for all of your videos and reviews. I’ve discovered some great cigars as a result!

  25. Eddie says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! I don’t know much about Jamaican Tobacco so I’ll have to do a little research. Thanks for the review!

  26. Ryan says:

    Very intrigued to taste this blend. From what I gathered there were a lot of Cuban farmers that went to Jamaica after the revolution to continue their tobacco and cigar production. Most of them left for the DR or Nica. I’m looking forward to lighting one of these sticks.

  27. Paul Donaghy says:

    Great review as always on a very interesting stick

  28. Bryson Mingione says:

    Definitely sounds good! Will have to get my hands on some!

  29. Ken Robertson says:

    Sounds like a cigar I would enjoy.

  30. Michael Hachem says:

    Welcome back!

  31. Roger Ely says:

    Great looking cigar and even better review. Glad you’re feeling better.

  32. Richard says:

    Great video Jamaica has great tobacco

  33. Steve says:

    I discovered your YouTube page yesterday and I have enjoyed watching your reviews thus far. I am rather new to cigar smoking and your videos have given me some good ideas the next time I go to my local cigar shop all though I doubt they will have this one.

  34. Steve says:

    I am new to cigar smoking and thanks to your reviews I now have some brands to look forward to trying although I doubt they will have this one at my local cigar shop. Keep up the good work!

  35. Shantee Haynes says:

    Gotta give this one a try! I have a lot of catching up with you to do on some…

  36. Tim Dumas says:

    Hey Vixen,

    I enjoy your reviews on the many brands of smokes out there. I came across your site and Instagram page from the 2015 Drew Estate tour videos! Man that place looks like a hell of a vacation.

    Its nice to see ladies partake in the love of cigars. Its a nice addition in my opinion. I smoke medium/heavy bodied cigars most of the time, but I do enjoy switching it up and trying smokes that give more aromas then the largely earthly and nutty notes from the heavy sticks. I did smoke the Camacho American Barrel on your suggestion after watching your video. Very nice smoke, Id say I enjoy more the Triple Maduro.

    Thanks for the reviews and for the many to come! Hope to share a smoke and whiskey with you at an event one day.

    Tim J.

  37. Mark says:

    I have been a fan of Macanudos for many years. The Estate Reserve Jamaica would be a wonderful addition to the Mac line.

  38. Fletch says:

    I’ve been waiting to try one, gonna run out and get a few for the weekend. If Cigarvixen co-signs it then I’ll def try it!

  39. Robert T Garcia says:

    Excellent review as always. Glad you are feeling better. Nothing worst to loose your ability to enjoy a good smoke or drink, food. Your are correct about trying out a cigar beside whatever recommendation from anyone. Thank you for the great reviews.

  40. vadan felix says:

    hy im fram Romania ,im larning a lot abawt cigars from your videos thank s

  41. James A. White says:

    Thanks for the nice review, sad to say, I have never tried a Macanudo Cigar. I guess, I will have to put them on my wish list. thanks again

  42. Timothy White says:

    Looking forward to trying the Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica. The flavors sound great. Have not tried a Jamaican blend before. Great review as always! Thank you!

  43. Dean Brandon says:

    Sounds like a rare lovely cigar. Interesting that it’s a Connecticut wrapper but Maduro in shade. As a side note, I wish I could enjoy a cigar inside more often. It’s a little cold here, but I soldier on and wait for a nice day. –Great review.

  44. Trevor says:

    Sounds like another great stick from Macanudo. Can’t wait to try one

  45. Gary Giangreco says:

    Hoping that I can find one of little dark jewels at my favorite B&M shop. Donna the proprietor has a nice selection of Macanudo’s.
    Thanks again for all the reviews, Delicia. Because of you, my son and I have tried many sticks that I normally would not have considered. Gman.

  46. Alex says:

    I have always loved Macanudo cigars. I have a diverse pallet mostly in the medium to full body favored cigars. I love the Padron 1926 also. Cheers!

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