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Mr. Pedro F. Gómez was born on San Luis Pinar del Rio, Cuba on February 10, 1923. At age 11, he started working as an apprentice at a local factory. The following year, he moved to Havana where he started working at Becquer in Marianao. He later began working at Pita and Brothers Factory until 1947 when he began the fine art of handcrafting tobacco cigars at the H. Upmann Factory. He then continued working at The Corona Factory. In 1972, he moved to Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain and continue working in different factories in Miami, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and finally in Mexico. Mr. Gómez worked as a Plant and Production Manager in some of the most renowned cigars factories in the world and is recognized worldwide as a master of tobacco and as a fine harvester. His work has also been recognized in well-known magazines (Cigar Aficionado, amongst them) in the USA and Europe.

Mr. Pedro F. Gómez died at 79 years of age in Mexico where he was still working at one of the most prestigious factories in Mexico and the world.

Since I had the chance to visit Cuba once again, I thought it would be great to smoke one of the hand rolled Gomez-Sanchez family cigars.

Micallef Torcedores:

Just the right mix of reserve tobaccos makes this cocktail blend something for everyone. From novice to aficionado, the strength and complexity surprise, revealing a flavor profile in a caliber all its own. Earthy sun-drenched wood, rich warm leather, fresh fruit, distinctive spice and fragrant vanilla comprise the well-rounded Torcedores and embody the spirit of its cigar family line.

Strength • Mild to Medium

a. Format • Torpedo (52 x 6") - Box Pressed
b. Format • Churchill (54 x 6 3/4") - Box Pressed

Wrapper: Capa Clara México

Binder & Filler: Cocktail Blend

Country of Provenance: Nicaragua

Pleasure Period: 1 to 1 1/2 hours

$8.50 (Singles - either format)
$204.00 (Box (24)- either format)

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  1. Did you ever get your coffee? Gotta say considering the breeziness that ash hung on quite a while. Well rolled. Will you be doing another Cuba trip next year as it seems the travel regs are returning to what they once were ?

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