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Cutter's Cigar Emporium

5530 Windward Pkwy​ Suite 200-B
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Hours Of Operation:
Mon-thur 10am-9p Friday 10am-11pm Sat 10am-9pm


On a recent trip to one of the most heavily populated cigar lounge states in the United States, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the best cigar lounges around: Cutters Cigar Emporium. I arrived for their Friday meet and greet event and became quickly acquainted with their regular members, including the beautiful and very knowledgeable manager, Lou Ann Steffens.

Following the event the owner Russ Sutton, invited a number of his staff and close friends, as well as myself, to a fabulous steak dinner at a nearby restaurant by the name of Cabernet. During our delicious meal, we had the immense pleasure of listening to live music while enjoying our cigars and rum. It certainly was a treat for me to find a restaurant that still allows indoor cigar smoking with a meal!

Saturday was a fun day back at the lounge, working the humidor, playing dominoes and witnessing the witty banter exchanged between members and the Cutter's Brand Ambassador Kevin Jenkins, better know for his gourmet cooking show "The Chef and the Fatman". Entertainment at its best, all under the roof of a very hospitable and well stocked cigar lounge.

All in all I would highly recommend visiting the Cutter's Cigar Emporium whenever you find yourself in the greater Atlanta area and ready to make a new friend.

Please enjoy the photos and videos below:

A special holiday bonus....

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