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This September's Smoking Good Time was a lot of fun once again.  The crowd seems to be full of familiar faces as this exclusive event has been sold out for the past three months.  What a great feeling to be greeted by members of my website also enjoying their Sunday with a fine stogie! This time the cigar vendor was CAO gifting out a La Traviata and Brazilia.  Out of the two I would say the Brazilia was the better with a medium body taste.  



The jazz music by Mekiel Reuben definitely gave a warm invitation to the Fall with amazing saxophone, bass, vocals and soft drum.  I was impressed with the sound and personality of the music selection this September.

The scotch was a great accompany to the cigar and music, as it always is!

With full bar, food buffet, cigars, great music and silent football games displayed throughout the room who could think of a better way to spend a Sunday?

I Hope to see more of you there.

Would love to hear your opinions of the event!


One Response to Morongo Smoking Good Time – September

  1. Angie says:

    I’ve smoked svereal of these and they usually burn great by my experience. The draw is spot-on , duration fine, and the ash is about as white as it gets if a bit flaky. The sungrown wrapper looks rich too.My flavor impression is first off sweetness. Sweet fermented tobacco with plenty of cedar. The next thing is definitely spiciness as felt toward the back of my throat and exhaled, on occasion, through the nostrils. For a smooth stick it has lots of flavor. That flavor doesn’t really change much however and for some this may not raise it to the highest level. Otherwise, this is a solid bargain priced premium stick I would gladly smoke anytime. Though I can’t tell you what others think, since I generally smoke alone, the smell was highly aromatic almost like cookies baking!

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