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How To Cut A Cigar


How to Smoke & Taste a Cigar

Featuring Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco cigar

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  1. Elmira says:

    Good to see a tealnt at work. I can’t match that.

  2. William Martinez says:

    Please keep making these type of video’s great info and I learned something new to enjoy my cigar’s. Also please post as many local events as possible, such as the up coming Gurhka events @ Cigar Exchange in Upland CA on 4/20/13 @ 4PM 909-946-6782 or 8 Eighty Eight in Fullerton CA on 4/24/13 @ 4 PM 714/871-0888. Hopefully you will attend I look forward to meeting fellow cigar smokers.
    Thx Mars1986

  3. Daniel Patti says:

    Hello I’m a new memeber.
    I’ve seen some of your You Tube videos and didn’t think to check out your site.
    I’m also a new cigar freak. I got into cigars never smoking in my life. I’m a healthy guy who would never puff on anything. Anyways, I was over seas and seen some cigars. So I though, for a nice jesture I would bring back some cigars for those who smoke cigretts. Boy was I wrong.
    I had brought back less than a dozen and when I came back home, I just gave them each one(to see if they liked it). THEY GAVE IT AWAY. I was soo mad that I kept the rest, because the cigars were so expensive.
    Few weeks went by and I told myself smoke them if you don’t like it trash it. So I went down to Pensacola Beach with just 2 of the cigars. (Well known brands) I had three beers with me and started to smoke the 1st cigar on the beach. I found a great spot on the beach and sat down to enjoy the AWESOME WEATHER in Pensacola.
    Well after drinking the 3 beers and smoked the first cigar I was feeling really good. I was like “MAN I BEEN MISSING OUT!” So I got the 2nd cigar (COHIBA singlo VI 60 or 70 ring guage) and had taken 2 to 3 puffs and I was buzzing like nobodies business.
    Anyways from that day on, I’m a cigar smoking freak. The most I smoked in one day was 4 cigars. That because I was in New Orleans and we would stop in different shops and I would see a cigar that I wanted to try.
    Good time though.

    Anyways just wanted to say hello and say you have an AWESOME job checking out different cigars and given your take on the different cigars.
    Hope all is well with you and your crew. Be Blessed. Life is Good!

    • Vixen says:

      Thank you so much for the great post! I love hearing new stories about cigar experiences! Can’t think of a better way to enjoy cigars than sitting on Pensacola Beach. Beach smoking is my absolute favorite! Glad you have joined the cigar world and too bad for your friends who gave away good sticks, they are definitely missing out. Please share more stories, very refreshing to read!

      Thanks again,

  4. Vaughn says:

    Cigar Vixen,

    I’ve just discovered your site and your videos on You Tube and you are a wonder: model gorgeous and a sexy cigar smoker to boot.

    I am impressed.

    Keep On Smokin’!


  5. Christopher says:

    I was wondering if you ever did reviews of Flavored Cigars?
    I’m a fan of the Tatiana Classic Vanilla, and would love to hear what you think of it.

    I’ve been enjoying them on and off since about 1997, and they run between $3 and $9 each depending on where you get them, and if you can even get them ordered. I have to custom order at my local smoke shop, and buy the whole humidor when they show up.

    • Vixen says:

      Hi Christopher! As of now, I haven’t done a review of any flavored cigars because I don’t personally smoke them. I will try to see if I can pick one up soon and do a review for you. THanks!

  6. Charlie Andre says:

    Love the blooper’s video on YouTube ….enjoy the reviews
    Keep doin what your doin it’s special ….

  7. Charlie says:

    Really learned a lot with these videos…I
    Was even cutting them wrong….
    Liked your blooper video…nicely done
    Keep doin what your doin it’s special…
    Thanks Charlie
    Don’t lose the ash !!!!!

    • Vixen says:

      Thanks for sharing! I enjoy sharing my experiences with you. We all continue to learn and the best part is there really are no rules as long as it works well for you! ūüôā

  8. Buck Bahm says:

    Will you be coming to the Phoenix area anytime soon? Hope to see you here soon. Buck.

    • Vixen says:

      Hi Buck, Arizona is on my list of places I would like to visit. A lot of it depends on my travel budget. I would like to try to get out that way sometime in the next few months if possible. I will keep you posted! Thanks for all your support!

  9. Kyle Clark says:

    I am a Big fan of cigarvixen I love watching her youtube review videos I would like to see her do More Larger sizes with larger gauges such as 70 and 80 gauges and try the Jeroboams!

  10. Al Stein says:

    Just joined this cigar club and it looks like a good one, and that girl is just the coolest girl ever

    anyway I came across a real good cigar which I should send some to the girl for a professional opinion…. the brand is MASTER by Carlos Torano

    they are my favorite and here in Calgary, Alberta (3hrs north of Montana) they cost $20 dollars each although really worth it and guys in the oilpatch all seem to like them aswell

    and my co-workers in the oilpatch all say I should visit Cuba before ever getting married… well I did not understand what they are talking about… until seeing Ms.Cigar Vixen video clips… now I know what they are talking about, because she is so cool, casual and sophisticated ad kinda nice to listen to as well

    • Vixen says:

      Thank you for joking and for the nice comment Al! Tora√Īo makes some good sticks! Would love to do a review on the one you smoke.

  11. Ahmed Taman says:

    Hi Vixen
    What is the difference between (Dominican Cohiba vs. Cuban Cohiba)???

    Thanks in advanced

  12. chase vaccaro says:

    I’m a cigar smoking novice and I stumbled across your videos on YouTube. What a beautiful presentation of cigar knowledge! I couldn’t be more impressed with your beauty and talent. Thank you Cigarvixen!

  13. Richard Haynes says:

    Thanks for coming to Alabama. Great to meet you @Truly Cigars [Florence, AL]…

    Livin life to the fullest. Smoke Rises.

  14. Victoria says:

    Dear Cigar Vixen,

    I’m a 25 year old model. Recently I was contacted by an agency/photographer to do a cigar shoot. It pays well so I have accepted. I’m not a cigar smoker so what advice do you have for me. I’m not opposed to smoking a cigar because they have always intrigued me, however what cigar would you recommend that is not strong and has a rather large gauge and length…per the agencies request. I think you are very beautiful and look at you as a mentor for my introduction into smoking. I’m hoping I have enough time to learn, enjoy and look like a beautiful and sexy cigar model. I have 2 months until I meet with the photographer in Italy.


  15. Henry says:

    I am very impressed with your beauty and talent. Thank you Cigarvixen!

  16. Nick Favillo says:

    Two things to ask a dew yrs ago i was given 6 cigars by a friend that he got from cuba by way of mexico they were cherry flavored and about 51/2×50 havent been able to find them since. Second been trying to find St Croix french vinalla cigars that some one gave my wife woukd you know who nakes these. By tge way lo v e your videos

  17. Jim Mack says:

    Saw you first on you-tube and subscribed. Learned about your web site and just joined. Can’t wait to see more videos, and to continue to learn about the wonderful world of cigars. It’s nice to learn from a knowledgable woman who is sexy and beautiful to boot. Looking forward for more. A big fan. Jim

  18. jerome perez says: a new member here and i am your follower in a cigar smoker beginner and i used to smoke cigarette for 20 yrs..and planning to quit and turn to cigar smoker..i started to smoke here in italy the toscano sigaro..your advices is much more appreciated for me on how to be a cigar smoker and continue to quit cigarettes….thank you so much!

  19. Steve Spencer says:

    You are one of the first cigar people I go to for factory trips and how-to- videos. Thanks for the great stuff! any more trips lined up??

  20. Steve Spencer says:

    Where can I get the first cigar cutter you mentioned??

  21. Steve Spencer says:

    One thing I’d like you to cover for new cigar smokers , (because newbies don’t know)how to pick up and be able to taste the flavors of a cigar ( pepper, salty, sweetness). You do a wonderful job keep up the good work!!

  22. Dear Cigarvixen I have been trying to change my password. I signed up for VIP membership. I love what you do in cigar review and the trips you take. Thank you for your time and help Robert

  23. Dassy Dayenburg says:


    As an european member I would be happy to know if You planned a trip to Europe.

    • Vixen says:

      I’m very fortunate that my trips are always sponsored, as of right now, I have not yet found a sponsor to come visit Europe with cigar lifestyle, but hopefully soon!

  24. Morgan Perry says:

    Hi Cigarvixen

    I’m new to smoking cigars and your how to videos where the foundation of my cigar smoking knowledge and are what really made me keen to try it. You mention in a interview that you smoke around two cigar a day what are your go to cigars or are you constantly changing things up

    Your reviews are great !

    Thank you all the way from Australia

  25. dave loffler says:

    great video I learned a lot from this and have been a cigar smoker for 6 years, thanks keep up the great work

  26. pam longville says:

    Thank you so much for the educational videos. I have been collecting and sampling Single Malts, whisk(e)y, and bourbons for some 25+ years. I own well over 600 bottles. I also write about them as I attend whisky tasting. And find cigars and whisky have so much in common. Just recently I was asked to attend a cigar and whisky tasting. Having never smoked a day in my life I looked up YouTube and fell upon your page. Went out a bought a good lighter and cutter and the rest is history so to speak. I have watched your reviews and have purchased some 100 cigars in the last month. I so enjoy the pairings that I come up with. No different from when I am pairing food with good whisky. Keep up the good work. I have found another love to have with a great dram of whisky. Sl√°inte

  27. Johnathan Caddell says:

    I found out about you on YouTube. You have very informative videos that has helped me gain my interest in cigars. I’ve been a pipe smoker for years. I love all the flavors and blends out there and have always enjoyed trying new tobaccos. My father got me started on cigars and I’ve found out that I enjoy them for all the same reasons I enjoy smoking my pipe. I tend to get a lot more weird looks from people when I smoke my pipe in public. Usually it’s because most people think it’s just for old men or I’m smoking something other than tobacco in my bowl. I don’t have to have those looks with a cigar. I’m learning as I go and appreciate your videos.

    Thanks, Cigar Vixen!

  28. Martin LeMoine says:

    Hey Delicia, the website could use a little update. I know most of your work is YouTube and Instagram but I’d like to see the event calender updated if you could.

    Have you ever done an event in or around Toronto, Canada? I would love to meet you, say hi and get a selfie with you sometime.

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