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This unique camouflage wrapper is a clever marketing piece by Humo del Diablo cigars. The taste was impressive and smoke output was very full. Pick one up and try it for yourself.

3 Responses to Recon Cigar

  1. Ignacio Abreu says:

    Will definitely look for this cigar. Being that I served in the Marine Corps, I’ve got to have one.

  2. buck bahm says:

    Hi Delecia, as a veteran of the Nam war, how can I help my brothers in the war zone? Let me know how they can get cigars from me. Ive heard about cigars for warriors. I need to know how I can help my bothers and sisters get to enjoy a taste of home. anything you can to help will be appreciated, with all my love. Buck

    • Vixen says:

      Great question Buck! There is a website called Cigars for Warriors that sends cigars out to our brothers and sisters serving our country. A great organization to support!!

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