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Day 2 shows my favorite night spend in Havana, live music, dancing, mojitos and cigars...incredible! Visiting the home of Ernesto Hemingway was a unique experience. Although the tour does not allow anyone to enter his home, you get a nice idea things by looking through all the open windows and doors. The actual property was beautiful. Hope you all enjoy this video.


2 Responses to Cuba Trip Day 2

  1. Martin R. Keeler says:

    Wish I could’ve done so. How long was the tour/trip? Did you fly all the way or vessel ? How much does such an item run? When will ya be doing another? Also; any Montes #2 for me? Ya, kind’a figured that. REALLY enjoy your blogs and vids !

  2. Andre Fuller says:

    Delicia, we are all watching and thinking damn I should be there with them. Such a great time you all were having. But so awesome that you are sharing this with the rest of us. The wife and I are looking forward to visiting Cuba and the video helps me plan the itinerary. Also, it was great meeting you on the cigar yacht cruise last week. We had a blast celebrating our anniversary up and down the coast. Until next time.

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