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What could be better than a relaxing Sunday with a good, old fashioned stogie? How about relaxing with your stogie and glass of 18 year old Scotch... while grooving to the hot, jazz stylings of the Martini Kings at Morongo Casino's Smoking Good Time. What an event!

When I arrived at said event, I was releived to have purchased my tickets online because they were sold out at the door! I can understand why. Walking into the sky high room with a 360 degree view of the desert, I was handed two premium Romeo and Juliet cigars, a raffle ticket for free prizes, my drink tickets, all while soaking in the gorgeous aroma of tobacco smoke and great music.


The aforementioned Martini Kings were the featured band that night. I really enjoyed their retro-swing upgrade to classic jazz. They have a unique sound that definitely draws a crowd to any room, pairing quite well with the fun side of cigar smoking.

I also had a chance to enjoy my very own custom rolled cigar compliments of M tobacco. Luis, the owner and roller of M tobacco cigars, attends most cigar events at Morongo. He hand rolls all cigars, made with Dominican filler, binder and wrapper. He is available for outside cigar event parties as well. His prices range from $12-$25 per stick, depending on size and blend. I enjoyed my very large double corona, which reminded me a bit of a Bolivar.

The event staff at Smoking Good Time was very accommodating and attentive. The MC was full of jokes and set a lively tone to the room. The waitresses provided pleasant eye candy as well as prompt service. How often do you get the two at once!? Seriously though, I can't wait until next month to enjoy another fun filled Sunday at Morongo Casino. Won't you join me?

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  1. Pawel says:

    Ask Paul this:Do you think we will see the day when micro-cigars will be like micro-brews? In Dad’s time, there was Pabst, Busch, etc., that’s it. Not any more. Nowadays, any medium size town is apt to have a brew pub or two caitnerg to beer lovers willing to try diverse new quality brews. Do you think that cigars may be headed that way? I notice here nearby, for example, we have FlatBed cigars, John Hay cigars, even a Virginia Cigar and Wine Trail. The wife and I love going wine tasting from one small vineyard to another. Boy I’d love to see the day I could go cigar tasting.TIA

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